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Diagnostics & Therapeutic

Dealing with hemotological diseaseslike various anemiaus, leukemiaus, thrambocytopenic puparas and cogulation disorders

Critical Care

Patients who have failure, or potential failure, of one or more major systems need continuous support, monitoring, nursing care & availability of medical staff.

360° Cancer Care

Offering services including Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, along with Specialty Clinics for Breast Cancer and Throat Cancers

Subha Comprehensive Cancer Care was started with the sole purpose of providing state of the art, 360 degree cancer care with genuine compassion. It is India’s first chain of dedicated Cancer Care Clinics that will bring personalised care to the patient’s doorstep. It was conceived by a team of doctors who were internationally trained and have long years of academic experience in major cancer care institutions in the west and in India. Each Cancer Clinic is fully backed by an affiliate who provides admission and emergency facilities with the full complement of medical specialties. All types of Blood Diseases will also be treated and eventually we propose to start Stem Cell (Bone Marrow) Transplantations as well. All cases will be discussed in a multidisciplinary Tumor Board across all centres. Difficult or interesting cases will be discussed with international faculty from universities in the USA.

Modern cancer care has become virtually synonymous with a rapacious corporate culture and exorbitant costs. We at Subha Comprehensive Cancer Care aim to bring western academic standards and cutting edge care at very affordable costs to underserved areas of India. The focus on taking cancer care to the outpatient setting as much as possible makes it less expensive, more convenient and patients get to spend more time at their home with their family.

“Cancer” was once a dreaded word. No more. Virtually all cancers can be prevented. Today many kinds of cancer can be cured. Many more can be controlled and patients live longer and better. Even where a cancer can not be cured, no patient ever needs to suffer. Subha Comprehensive Cancer Care will work relentlessly to promote awareness and engage the communities that it works for. With serious science and care from the heart, with knowledge and commitment - we together can beat Cancer.

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